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Indiana Jones RPG Raiders Of The Lost Ark Adventure TSR 1984 OOP E8

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Description: The stakes are higher than ever before! The Germans are closing in on the world's holiest artifact, and you've got to get it before it's too late. Can you reach the Ark before your arch rival Belloq does? Can you escape before the foul Toth practices his deadly craft on you? Can you get a minute to breathe?

Contents include:

  • 32-page adventure booklet including player handouts, maps sheets, vehicle templates, and character background sheets.
  • Tri-fold cover/screen with charts and character standees. (Important note: The page of character standees has been cut from the cover/screen. The characters themselves are present, but the platform and Ark figure is missing. We have, however, included a photocopy of the complete page so that you can mount the sheet to a piece of cardstock to make your own Ark standee.)
  • 16" x 21" map sheet.

This adventure pack is designed for use with the Adventures of Indiana Jones pulp role-playing game. Published 1984 by TSR under license from Lucasfilms. A great addition to any Indy fan's library.

Condition: Used. Moderate shelfwear on cover/screen, heavy creasing. Character standees section cut out and creased (see note above). The game booklet has light shelfwear, staples are tight with faint rust. The map sheet is NMint.

MPN: 6751

Brand: TSR