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Indiana Jones Golden Goddess SOLO Adventure 1985 TSR Pulp OOP D8

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Description: The darkness is almost complete around Indiana Jones. Almost. Robed shadows lurk menacingly ... and they have the Idol, the Golden Goddess! Saad Hassim, owner of the biggest antiquities shop in Marrakesh, sure is getting lots of late business tonight! Indiana Jones, never slow to regain his own, springs into action! From the Marrakesh rooftops to New York City skyscrapers, Indy tries desperately to capture the Idol lost so long ago to that villain Belloq. He does it under your direction alone. Your skill in surmounting the dangers, your ability to survive the rigors of the chase, will determine if Dr. Jones comes away with the Idol ... or not at all. This adventure pack can be played as a solo adventure using the Magic Viewer system (the plastic viewing sheet is included) or modified by a referee to be run as agroup adventure.

This pack includes:
  • 16 page adventure booklet playing map with Magic Viewer
  • 3-D cardstock sheet with fold-up seaplane and character figures
Designed for the Indiana Jones role-playing game. An nice addition to any Indy collection. Produced in 1985. TSR. OOP.

Condition: Lightly used, does not appear to have been played. Light shelfwear on cover. The booklet, map and cardstock playing piece sheet are all NMint. The plastic Magic Viewer sheet is in a small storage bag stapled to the map. Overall in excellent condition.


MPN: 6755
Brand: TSR