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Heavy Gear Caprice 2 Liberati Freedom For All New D8 Dream Pod 9

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Description: Harvesting a meager living from the surface of a rough primal world, the Liberati are a proud and tough people, rebels and nomads that do not fit the highly structured society of the Trench. Stuck between uncaring megacorporations and a fascist invader bent on conquest, it is literally a do-or-die situation for those brave souls on the front line of the new conflict racking the Heavy Gear universe. Contents include:

  • complete history of the Liberati
  • full overview of Liberati culture and lifestyle
  • resistance operations and resources
  • sample Liberati-oriented campaign set-ups
  • new character archetypes, equipment and vehicles

Designed for the Heavy Gear universe, but can provide interesting material for other science fiction role-playing games. Copyright 2000 Dream Pod 9. 80 pages.

Condition: New, NM/Mint.

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Brand: Dream Pod 9