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GURPS Villains Sourcebook Modern More New BC Steve Jackson Games

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Description: Conflict stands at the heart of all good stories, and nothing can create conflict faster than a well-crafted bad guy. This sourcebook offers descriptions and statistics for 54 wildly different scoundrels, allowing players the opportunity to pit their characters against these dangerous, formidable opponents.

You'll find blood-soaked maniacs, kind-hearted hackers, corrupt officers of the law, and shadow-shrouded evil overlords, each ready to do his utmost to defy and defeat the forces of Justice.

Also includes adventure seeds for each antagonist, as well as suggestions for adapting the evildoers to a variety of settings. Heroes are defined by the forces they oppose. Meet the opposition.

Designed for the GURPS system, but can be readily adapted to many role-playing games. Copyright 2000 Steve Jackson Games. 128 pages.

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Brand: Steve Jackson Games