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GURPS Traveller Star Mercs Military Sourcebook I6 Steve Jackson Games

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  • Role-playing game
  • Science Fiction
  • Traveller
  • Steve Jackson Games

Description: Prepare for war ... Star Mercs contains everything you need for a star-spanning, military-oriented campaign in the Traveller universe. Features include:

  • - Experience combat (and a soldier's life) in the 57th century
  • - Learn how to recruit, organize, and equip a mercenary unit
  • - Familiarize yourself with the Imperial rules of war
  • - Get the edge with discourses on strategy and tactics
  • - Arm your troops from a comprehensive list of weapons and other tools of the soldier's trade

Also include are:

  • - Deck plans for the 800-ton Broadsword-class mercenary cruiser
  • - Templates for military and mercenary soldier characters
  • - Sample missions
  • - A variety of units and NPC personalities

If you want to incorporate military and/or mercenary life in your Traveller campaign, this book is indispensable. Based on the classic Traveller science fiction role-playing game created by GDW Game Designers' Workshop. Copyright 1999 Steve Jackson Games. 128 pages.

Condition: New, moderate shelfwear on covers, corner crunched. Otherwise excellent.

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Brand: Steve Jackson Games