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GURPS Traveller Modular Cutter Sourcebook New NM/Mint C5

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  • Role-playing game
  • Science Fiction
  • Traveller
  • Steve Jackson Games

Description: The ship of a thousand uses. With its legendary utility and flexibility, the 50-ton modular cutter has spread across the Imperium. Its interchangeable payloads can turn turn cargo hauler into battle craft or research vessel in the time it takes to unlock one module and load the next.

This sourcebook provides extensive details on the ubiquitous vessel including:

  • - The inner workings of modular shipping
  • - A wide variety of alternate module-carrying ships, from the small Hiver version of the cutter to huge container starships
  • - Scores of deckplans of alternate modules to make the modular cutter fit any mission profile
  • - Information on designing custom modular vessels using the starship construction rules in GURPS Traveller
  • - Plus much more

Designed for use with the GURPS role-playing game, but contains material that can be readily adapted to many other scince fiction RPGs. Copyright 2001 Steve Jackson Games. 128 pages.

Condition: New, NM/Mint

MPN: 6616

Brand: Steve Jackson Games