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GURPS Compendium II 3rd Ed Rules Expansion New OOP J5

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  • Role-playing game
  • Steve Jackson Games
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Description: Compendium II is 192 pages of the best articles and the most-requested new expanded/optional rules for GURPS 3rd Edition. A must-have for Game Masters and a valuable aid for any player.

Contents include:

  • - Campaigning
  • - Campaign design, other dimensions, designing believable societies, and more
  • - Combat
  • - Optional rules for both realistic and cinematic combat, non-lethal contests, space combat, naval combat, and more
  • - Equipment - Including rules for day-to-day maintenance, operating bizarre artifacts, and more
  • - Dangerous Stuff - Things to scare players with, from cold weather and seasickness to altitude sickness, decompression, and radiation
  • - Injury & Fatigue - Optional rules for injury, healing, missed sleep and extra effort
  • - Mass Combat

Copyright 1996-2000 Steve Jackson Games. 192 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NMint

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Brand: Steve Jackson Games