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Gear Krieg African Theater Book NM/Mint New DP9 CB Science Fiction

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Description: The alternate Second World War has come to the sandy wastelands of Africa. The influence of super-science is growing in the Gear Krieg world as all sides put their newest constructs into the field. This Theater book includes:

  • - Alternate historical background for the desert conflict
  • - Tabletop rules for fighting in the harsh environment of Africa
  • - Seven detailed ready-to-play desert scenarios with maps
  • - Basic tables of organization and equipment (TO&E) for the expeditionary forces of Germany, the British Commonwealth, the United States, Italy and France
  • - More than 50 vehicles and variants from all nationalities

Copyright 2000 Dream Pod 9. 80 pages.

Condition: New, NM/Mint

MPN: 502

Brand: Dream Pod 9