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Gatecrasher Adventure Believe It or Else Fantasy RPG New OOP DC

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Description: The week so far:

  • - Monday was fine.
  • - Tuesday you found out that you'd never been born.
  • - Wednesday someone replaced your android dog with a living duplicate.
  • - Thursday the insane Jeremy Corwyn offered you a job terraforming the sun.
  • - Friday Santa's Secret Service came after you for two decades of back presents. ...

You're not hopeful for the weekend!!! Believe It or Else is the first adventure supplement of fractured folklore and tabloid reality for use with the Gatecrasher fantasy game. Packed with the unusual! Published 1993 by Hot Tub Dragon. 96 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear. NMint.

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Brand: Hot Tub Dragon