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Fantasy RPG Neuonians Culturebook NeverWorld New OOP D7

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Description: Looking for a detailed sourcebook for a fantasy culture? This book provides a rich detailed look at the culture of the Neuonians, a collection of human city states. Although designed for the Neverworld system, it can be easily used to develop human cultures for any fantasy role-playing system. A solid reference book for any DM looking for new ideas for his or her fantasy campaign. Contents include:

  • - 50 careers covering cultists, entertainers, fighters, law-makers, mages, priests, rogues, scholars, seafarers and smiths
  • - 135 spells fron Neuonian wizardry
  • - Wizard societies
  • - Knights leagues
  • - Details of seven city-states: history, politics, more
  • - Weaponry descriptions and stats
  • - Unique culture skills
  • - Society Generator - build a town in 10 minutes
  • - And more!

Copyright 1997 Erin Laughlin. 188 pages.

Condition: New, NMint.

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Brand: ForEverWorld Books