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Fantasy Gamer #5 Demonwand Boardgame D&D 1984 B8

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Description: This early issue contains:

  • Demonwand - War between wizards on an ever-changing magical landscape. A complete boardgame for 2-4 players.
  • Parent/Child Gaming - How to introduce a child (or parent) to gaming
  • Death From the North! - The Windigo, a new FRP monster class with D&D stats
  • Reviews: Witch Hunt, Excalibur PBM
  • Feudal lords Econo-Strategy in Feudal Lords
  • Humor Finieous Fingers comic strip
  • Murphy's Rules

Copyright 1984 Steve Jackson Games. 44 pages.

Condition: Lightly used/aged. Minor corner bump, otherwise interior pages are excellent. The boardgame mapsheet and counter sheet are still bound in and are NMint. Staples are tight with light rust.