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Dungeon Trap Handbook 1981 Fantasy RPG Reilly Associates B8 D&D

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Description: This fantasy gaming handbook is a compendium of 38 tables designed to assist the Dungeon Master in designing traps for the unwary adventurer. Effects range from simply misdirecting the adventurers to damaging them, from annoying them to inflicting lethal wounds. Great for creating a trap on short notice. Includes:

  • Lures and triggers
  • Pit traps
  • Deadfall traps
  • Missile traps
  • Potions and gases
  • Diseases and poisons
  • Mental and physical effects
  • and more.

This small-press supplement is copyright 1981 by Reilly Associates. 16 pages. Digest size 8-1/2" x 5-1/2". Side stapled. It can be used with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy role-playing games. A small press publication from the earlier cottage-industry days of role-playing.

Condition: Light shelfwear/aging, light patina of rust on staples. Otherwise excellent condition, particularly for an item produced 40-plus years ago.


MPN: 109

Brand: Reilly Associates

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