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Dungeon Magazine #34 with AD&D Fantasy Trading Cards TSR 1992 L7

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Description: This issue of Dungeon Magazine features Magazine Set Three of the popular Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Trading Cards. The cards are from the first print run of 1992. They are printed on two card stock insert pages and represent 17 personalities from the various Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings including Forgotten Realms, DragonLance, Greyhawk and Spelljammer). Each card includes game stats and background for the character.

In addition to the trading cards, this issue contains these complete adventures:

  • Euphoria Horrors - AD&D adventure, 4-6 characters, levels 1-2
  • Rogue - AD&D Side Trek adventure, 5-7 characters, levels 4-5
  • Isle of the Abbey - D&D adventure, 4-6 characters, levels 1-3
  • The Lady Rose - AD&D adventure, 5-7 characters, levels 8-11
  • On Wings Of Darkness - AD&D adventure, 4-6 characters, levels 4-8

Copyright 1992 TSR. 72 pages. OOP.

Condition: New. Staples are tight, no rust. Magazine is NM/Mint. Cards are NM/Mint.


Brand: TSR