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Deadlands HOE Boise Weird West Horror RPG New NMint Pinnacle F8

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Description: Don't go out tonight ... There's a bad moon rising over Boise, Idaho. The full moon is coming again -- the time when the Boise Horror strikes. This mysterious and malevolent creature has plagued the home of the Templars for years and claimed scores of innocent victims, yet no one has so much as caught a glimpse of the monster. Now, as the lunar orb waxes larger, people huddle in fear and speak in hushed whispers, wondering who will be the beast's next kill.

When the heroes arrive in Boise, they find the Templar ranks thinned by attacks from the Anti-Templar Modeen. Worse the Grand Master is nearly bedridden with a mysterious illness and a silent dread grips the people who depend on his knightly order for protection. It's up to the posse to unravel the mystery of the Boise Horror, and stop it before it not only kills another innocent victim, but faith in the Templars themselves.

Designed for the Deadlands Hell On Earth horror role-playing game set in the Wasted West. Copyright 1999 Pinnacle Entertainment.

Condition: New. Factory-sealed shrinkwrap. NM/Mint.

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Brand: Pinnacle Entertainment