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D20 Fantasy Nyambe Dire Spirits African Adventure D&D New EC

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Description: The fearsome bounty hunter KanUk -- a kosan orc from the Mythical Ages of Nyambe-tanda -- was long ago bound into the body of an undead dire lion. Defeated in the great Rebellion, his spirit was trapped in his own still-beating undead heart and has rested undisturbed for thousands of years. But not even kosan magic is eternal and the protective wards have collapsed. Now a group of brave warriors must find and destroy the malignant heart and prevent KanUk's rebirth!

This adventure is designed for 1st-level characters and provides an introduction to the Nyambe: African Adventures campaign setting. For the D20 Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 2002 Trident/Atlas Games. 48 pages.

Condition: New, one corner dinged, otherwise NM/Mint.


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Brand: Atlas Games