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D&D Immortal Storm Adventure TSR 1986 Immortal Level OOP LC

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Description: A fantasy adventure designed for the classic Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

It appeared only a few weeks ago -- a swirling gray mass of incalculable size. And in its center, an eye. A humanoid eye. Now the storm threatens the very era of Immortal rule. The growing maelstrom emits a message to the Hierarchs. But what does it mean? Can it help save this realm of existence? Is there time to save this realm? This first Immortal adventure pits your party against the multiverse in a desperate struggle to find the essence of life.

Copyright 1986 TSR. 40 page booklet plus tri-fold cover/screen. OOP.

Condition: Lightly used. Light shelfwear on cover/screen. Booklet is NMint.


MPN: 9171

Brand: TSR