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D&D Expert Adventure Isle of Dread TSR 1981 Fantasy RPG OOP D8

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  • Role playing game
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  • Fantasy
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • D&D
  • TSR
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Description: The Isle of Dread is the first of a series of adventure modules for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Expert rules. It is the first D&D wilderness adventure published by TSR. The module contains:

  • - Maps and background material for the Isle and a large continent
  • - 15 new monsters
  • - Suggestions for further adventures

A wilderness adventure for character levels 3-7. Designed for the classic Dungeons & Dragons system and can be adapted to other fantasy role-playing games. Copyright 1980-1981 TSR. 32-page booklet plus bi-fold cover/screen. OOP.

Condition: Used. Moderate shelfwear on covers, spine creases. The interior booklet is excellent except for heavy rust on staples. Overall a very nice play copy.


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Brand: TSR