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D&D D20 Last Days of Constantinople New OOP Avalanche AC

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Description: For a thousand years, the Byzantine Empire has been civilization's guardian, carrying on Rome's legacy. Now 100,000 battle-hardened Turkish warriors have surrounded the great city and are making ready to storm its mighty walls. Now you must find the young empress -- if she even exists. Stand along side the last Roman emperor in a climatic fight to the death. Fight Vlad the Impaler, nastiest of the Sultan's allies. Meet the Eastern world's most exotic temptress. Wield new weapons: Greek Fire, arquebuses, and the Great Cannon. And as the Turks pour into the breaches, opportunities to hack abound. A detailed adventure set in historical reality! Can you survive? This D20 adventure is designed for character levels 1-3. Copyright 2001 Avalanche Press. 46 pages. OOP.

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Brand: Avalanche Press