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D&D D20 Encyclopedia Divine Shamans Sourcebook OOP LB

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Description: Shamans existed long before clerics and wizards usurped their role as the wise leaders of the people, the first to try and make sense of a strange world and the earliest people to delve into the powers of the unknown. They seek to know the spirits, the souls of all things, the awakened conscience of every piece of the wild. This sourcebook provides an in depth look at the Shaman character class and the Spirits themselves. Contents include:

  • - Shaman Magic -- An Overview
  • - The Shaman's Paths
  • - Secrets of the Craft
  • - Spirit Magic
  • - Spirit Domains and Spells
  • - Spirits
  • - and more

Designed for the D20 Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game by Wizards of the Coast. Copyright 2002 Mongoose Publishing. 64 pages. OOP.

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