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Crucible Fantasy Miniatures Wargame Rulesbook New FASA OOP IC

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Description: For thousands of years they have battled. Royal Elf knights riding great land dragons, serpent-mounted Infernal Elves, Principate Arcane Masters, vile Necromancer Lords, clandestine Witches of Selene, noble Tauren beastmen. All these and more inhabit the lands of Ashkelon, a fantasy world torn by battle.

This rulebook contains all the rules you need to play this fantasy miniatures game. Originally designed for use with FASA's Crucible fantasy figures, the rules can be used with many 25-30mm figures. Contents include:

  • Fast-paced mechanics that allow for quick skirmishes or epic battles
  • History and compendium for each of eleven races
  • Spells, relics and special abilities for each nation
  • Complete rules for combat, movement and magic
  • Scenarios and campaigns
  • Templates and color counters
  • Army Builder Lite software CD
  • and much more

Requires 12-sided dice, not included. Copyright 2000 FASA. 158 pages plus templates and counters. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear, including corner ding. Otherwise NMint.