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AD&D Dungeon Master's Design Kit TSR 9234 1988 AT-S

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    Description: As any good Dungeon Master knows, preparation is the key to a great adventure. The more work done in advance, the smoother the play session will go. And nothing turns players off faster than a DM fumbling for the right piece of information in the middle of a fast-paced session.

    That's where the Dungeon Master's Design Kit comes in. Inside its 96 time-saving pages are scores of organizational ideas, refereeing hints, and ready-to-use materials that will make you a better-prepared, better-organized, and just plain better Dungeon Master -- without spending a lot of extra time you don't have!

    The Dungeon Master's Design Kit includes a 32-page Forms Book, designed to keep important information together and at your fingertips. A number of difficult refereeing situations are covered, including the chase scene, one of the toughest AD&D game situations to judge. Another 32-page book contains the DM's Adventure Cookbook, full of ready-to-go ingredients that you can combine in a flash to spice up your campaign. The last book, Adventure Design, puts the package all together, including loads of practical advice on becoming a better DM.

    So pick up the Dungeon Master's Design Kit, harried DM - and watch your AD&D campaign take off!

    This DM's accessory is designed for use with your own game world or any official setting of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1988 TSR.

    Condition: Lightly used. Mild shelfwear on the cover folio. The three books are in excellent shape (the staples have been removed from the Forms Book, but all of the forms are present). Please refer to the pictures for details.


    MPN: 9234

    Brand: TSR