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AD&D Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Cards Set 2 TSR 8010 JR

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Description: Monster Cards combine full-color illustrations with vital information on 20 AD&D monsters, including 3 totally new creatures, on handy 3" x 5" cards. The Dungeon Master can show the players a monster's picture while keeping the information on the back hidden to run encounters.

Set 2 includes the following 20 monsters:

Galeb Duhr
Gelatinous Cube
Giant Scorpion
Gold Dragon
Hill Dwarf
Hill Giant
Land Urchin
Sabertooth Tiger
Stone Golem
Type V Demon
Tryannosaurus Rex
Umber Hulk

This accessory is designed for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1980/1982 TSR.

Condition: Used. Moderate wear to cards including few ink marks, moderate stains. The Hippogriff card has large diagonal ink/stain mark on back. Please refer to the pictures for more details.


Brand: TSR

MSN: 8010