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AD&D Tome of Magic Fantasy RPG Sourcebook TSR New OOP D&D JC

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Description: Take your spellcasters to limits they have never reached before! With over two hundred new spells and magical items, this sourcebook stretches the horizons of every wizard and priest. Includes new forms of wizard magic -- elementalists, metamagic, and wild magic -- plus expansions of existing schools. For priests, whole new spheres have been discovered -- spheres of chaos, law, numbers, thought time, war, and wards -- and powerful new quest spells lie waiting to be tapped. Plus new magical items such as the claw of magic stealing, dimensional mine, crystal parrot, ring of randomness, and staff of the elements.

Designed for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons system and can be adapted to other fantasy role-playing games. Copyright 1991, 1999 TSR. 160 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear on covers, spine crack. Otherwise NMint.


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