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AD&D Ravenloft Ghosts Sealed Shrinkwrap TSR 9555 1997 D&D Horror

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Description: What you cannot see CAN hurt you! Children of the Night: Ghosts details thirteen horrifying and tragic beings that test the fear threshold of even the staunchest ghost hunter. The second volume of the Children of the Night series, Ghosts offers biographies of distinct and monstrous personalities easily added to any game, short adventures featuring each nemesis, unique ways to fight each foe, and adventure hooks. Some of the haunts that adventurers will confront include:

  • Vlana Walderhen - a half-Vistani ghost whose rage knows no bounds
  • Susannah Joson - a lonely geist who endlessly searches for her true love
  • The Ghost Cat - a monstrous being who draws tainted victims further into the path of evil
  • Nikolai Melentha - a child ghost who becomes what he hates most while protecting the defenseless

Designed for the Ravenloft campaign world of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Ghosts offers detailed information that can be used in any fantasy/horror campaign. Or good to throw a curveball at your players in an on-going campaign. Copyright 1997 TSR. OOP.

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