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AD&D Forgotten Realms Marco Volo Arrival D&D TSR OOP New F1

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Description: When the characters first set off on an intrigue-laden journey to Shadowdale, they did not suspect how much trouble they would get into. Joined by Marcus Wands (also known as "Marco Volo"), they found him just a bothersome but likeable little rogue. No one suspected he was on the run from the crazy wizard Sabbar. The troublesome Marcus had previously stolen from him a rare artifact called the Dragonking's Eye, and hid it in the Spiderhaunt Woods. Now the party approaches the Spiderhaunts, and Marcus insists on diverting the group to retrieve the Eye.

But strange things have been happening there. There are rumors: of an oddly constructed keep of bone (or is it crystal?); of a warlord out for conquest (or is it a lich?); of goblin tribes strangely clad, and extra-planar beings banding with the giant spiders of the aptly named Spiderhaunt Woods. Something evil has denned at the heart of the forest. It has a mind of its own . . . and it has plans for Faerun.

Arrival is the third and last volume of the Marco Volo trilogy. Designed for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. For 4-8 player characters of level 6-8. Copyright 1994 TSR.

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