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AD&D DragonLance Dragons of Light TSR 1985 OOP D&D c

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Description: Far removed from the battlefields of Ansalon, the island of Ergoth has become a refuge for the Elven Peoples. Here the haughty Silvanesti of the east, the friendly Qualinesti of the west, and the wild, native Kagonesti dwell in a fragile, uneasy peace. This peace is shattered by the arrival of your band of adventurers, bearing the shards of the dragonlance and the power of the Dragon Orb of Icewall. Will the pitfalls of conflicting elven nations ensnare you? Can you escape across the wilds of Ergoth to the outpost of the Solamnic Kinghts, evading the wild elves in your path? Will you discover the secret of Huma's Tomb and find the final resting place of the dragonlances of old?

This is the sixth in the series of DragonLance adventures designed for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. You can play the adventure by itself or as part of the grand quest. For characters of Levels 7-9. Copyright 1985 TSR. Includes 32-page booklet, tri-fold cover/screen, and 16" x 21" color map of Southern Ergoth. OOP.

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