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Wargame Scenery Magical Portal T1608 Fantasy Horror Sci Fi D&D 25-32mm Spell Effect

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Description: Starting with a low chant, this magician begins to weave a spell. A small transparent, rippling globe forms a few yards in front of the chanter. The globe hovers several feet above the ground. The chanting continues to increase in volume. The globe grows, arcane streaks of unearthly colors appear at the back of the globe. These steaks of outre colors ebb and flow as the globe continues to grow in size. The globe flattens as it enlarges. Waves of spectral light slowly extend from the ovoid's "face", wavering like tendrils in a strong wind. As the ovoid continues to grow to stand taller that the summoner, strange images coalesce within. Images of an infinite sea of lights, flowing in a cosmic dance. Is it a portal to distant shores separated by mind-numbing distances or even over eons of time itself? Does it act as a pathway to imagined paradises, or is it to be the gateway for terrors beyond thought to enter our world?

This scenery piece can be used as an objective marker or spell effect for your 25-32mm fantasy tabletop war gaming such as Warhammer Fantasy. It can also be used in many horror, pulp, science fiction or super hero miniatures games as well as many role-playing games including Dungeons & Dragons. Add some life to your game with our unique scenery and terrain!

The piece measures approximately:

  • Height: 1-5/8 inches (40 mm)
  • Base: 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter

Note: The 25-28mm miniatures shown in the photos are for scale comparison only. The figures are not included in this listing.

Condition: Painted. Fully based. Sealed with multiple clear coats. Ready to play.

Warning: These items may contain small parts, sharp bits, and other potentially hazardous properties. They are intended for adult gaming only and are not designed for children of any age.

  • Terrain
  • Scenery
  • Miniature war game
  • Role-playing game
  • Fantasy
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Pulp
  • Super hero
  • Custom
  • Scratchbuilt
  • Painted
  • 25-32 mm scale