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Monster World #1 Premiere Issue Mummy Horror 1964 F8

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Description: This premiere issue contains:

  • Fang Mail
  • Lurking Ahead - Monster Movies to Come
  • Battle of the Frankensteins - Magoo Meets Frankenstein and Frankenstein 1887
  • It Asked For You! - The Mighty Kongula strikes back with monster facts
  • The Maddest Doctor - The life story of Lionel Atwill
  • Six Monsters For the Price of One - The Black Sleep (re-released as Dr. Cadman's Secret) story and photos
  • Monster Comics - The Mummy - Black & white comic
  • Terror Talk - News from the Ghoul Gazzette

Packed with black and white photos from classic monster and science fiction movies. Copyright 1964 Warren Publishing. 66 pages. OOP.

Condition: Used. Moderate shelfwear on covers, creases, spine rub. Date in ink on cover. Interior pages have mild aging, otherwise are excellent.