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DC Heroes Eternity Inc Super Hero RPG 1986 New OOP K7 Mayfair Games

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  • Role playing game
  • RPG
  • Super hero
  • Mutants

Description: It began thousands of years ago ... Four magic men seized control of the ancestors of Humanity. Under their rule, Mankind's future seemed doomed -- until a band of brightly-dressed strangers appeared to challenge them. It began days ago ... Gorilla Grodd discovers the bodies of the four magic men frozen in time! They have waited an eternity for their revival. Infinity Inc must stop them before the world is thrown into its darkest age!

Designed for the DC Heroes super hero role-playing game, but can be adapted to most systems. Published 1986 Mayfair Games. 32 pages. OOP.

Condition: New. Mild warping from storage, otherwise NMint.

MPN: 221

Brand: Mayfair Games