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Big Ears Small Mouse Sourcebook Anime BESM OOP AB Guardians of Order

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Description: They lurk in the shadows, invisible to the powerful and arrogant eyes of man. Nothing is too small to escape their notice. Silently, they lay their intricate, complex plans. Carefully, they place their rubber-band catapults. Tonight, the cheese will be theirs! Big Ears, Small Mouse introduces players to the strange but familiar world of Mousetroplois -- a thriving city that is home to talking rodents, bugs, and other tiny animals.

This sourcebook for Big Eyes, Small Mouth BESM features dozens of player character species templates, guidelines for scaling combat between small and large rodents, customized mecha and personal gear for tiny creatures, and much more! Copyright 2001 Guardians of Order. 96 pages. OOP

Condition: New, NM/Mint.

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Brand: Guardians of Order