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GURPS Warriors Sourcebook Steve Jackson Games New H6 RPG Fighters

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Description: They lead the way and take the lumps. When it all falls apart, they cover the retreat. Some live for a cause; some die for it. They are warriors. The warrior is the backbone of every adventure group. GURPS Warriors gives you 29 fighter templates, letting you quickly create the warrior that's right for you. No two need be the same. Templates include:

  • - Soldiers from all time periods -- past, present, and future -- such as the aviator, cavalryman, commando, heavy foot soldier, marine, and rifleman
  • - Warriors from the pages of history and literature including the barbarian, berserker, gunslinger, holy warrior, martial artist, and swordsman
  • - Specialists like the archer, engineer, guard, guerilla, sharpshooter, and scout
  • - High-tech fighters like the artillerist, mecha pilot, and naval crewman

Each template comes with four complete characters, drawn from a wide range of settings. All told, you get 116 ready-to-use sample characters, as well as historical background and information on the technology and tactics that shaped their professions. An important and very useful addition to any GURPS collection. Copyright 1999 Steve Jackson Games. First edition. 128 pages.

Condition: New, mild shelfwear including crack on spine, ding along rear bottom edge. Interior pages are NMint.

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