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Fantasy RPG Journey to the Cloud Castle 1982 Reilly Associates A8 D&D

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Description: Kidnapped by a great red dragon, your party of adventurers flies to a castle in the sky! The mission is to rid the castle of its bothersome inhabitants. Fail and face the wrath of the great worm. Succeed and be rewarded with your lives -- maybe.

This small-press adventure is copyright 1982 by Reilly Associates. 13 pages including maps and black & white illustrations. Side stapled. It can be used with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy role-playing games. A small press adventure from the earlier cottage-industry days of role-playing.

Condition: Staples tight with very faint rust. Otherwise excellent condition, particularly for an item produced 40-plus years ago.


MPN: 112

Brand: Reilly Associates

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