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Miniature Post Apocalypse Survivor 430 Zombies Painted

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  • Miniature figure
  • Role-playing game
  • Miniature war game
  • Painted
  • Post Apocalypse
  • Science Fiction
  • Pulp
  • Horror
  • Zombies
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • 25-28 mm


Description: Life in the city sure went downhill fast after the unexpected appearance of the alien invaders! The initial resistance put up by the local military forces didn't fare too well. The one benefit of the devastating losses is the availability of military weaponry that was scattered about the battle areas. The town has become a hot war zone and the civilian survivors have to make their own way. Our survivor has managed to scrounge a military assault rifle and a respirator tank.

This figure is ready to assume the role of a Player Character or NPC in many role playing games including post apocalypse, zombie infestation, science fiction, pulp action and Call of Cthulhu. It can also be used to add an interesting piece to your troops in tabletop wargaming such as Warhammer 40K.

Condition: Painted. Fully based. Sealed with multiple clear coats. Ready to play or display.

Warning: These items may contain small parts, sharp bits, and other potentially hazardous properties. They are intended for adult gaming only and are not designed for children of any age.