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Miniature Ghoul and Grave Horror Call of Cthulhu Fantasy Painted 28mm 462-G104

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Description: Ghouls haunt the graveyards, burrowing underground to feast on the corpses of the dearly departed. They are fierce horrors willing to attack anyone who disturbs them. Besides, they enjoy the fresh flesh of an intruding adventurer just as well as the seasoned meat of the buried dead.

You will receive both the ghoul miniature and the grave.

This 28 mm scale figure is ready to attack your Player Characters or NPCs in many horror role playing games including Call of Cthulhu and fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons.

The miniature is resin. The base is weighted to add some heft to the miniature. The grave is handmade.

Condition: Painted. Fully based. Sealed with multiple clear coats. Ready to play.

Warning: These items may contain small parts, sharp bits, and other potentially hazardous properties. They are intended for adult gaming only and are not designed for children of any age.


  • Terrain
  • Scenery
  • Miniature war game
  • Role-playing game
  • Fantasy
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Pulp
  • Super hero
  • Custom
  • Scratchbuilt
  • Painted
  • 25-28 mm