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Dragon Dice Firewalkers Kicker Pack #2 TSR 1996 OOP Sealed NM/Mint EB

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Description: From the fiery sun, they have come to join the life-and-death struggle for dominance of a young world. They are the Firewalkers, elemental beings who have mysterious reasons for joining the fray. Can your armies harness the might of the Firewalkers and attain victory? Or will their creatures, such as the mighty Phoenix, destroy your troops instead?

This Kicker Pack is from the Firewalkers expansion set for the Dragon Dice game created by TSR. The pack contains:

  • - 8 random dice (seven 6-siders and one 10-sided monster die)
  • - Full-color 14-page folder with expansion rules

Copyright 1996 TSR. OOP. Here is your chance to pick up more great dice to add to your invincible army!

Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. NM/Mint.

MPN: 1502

Brand: TSR