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Creatures From Lost Worlds Science Fiction Monster Reference 1979 H7

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Description: This paperback reference book is all about monsters that come from lost worlds ... including the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Godzilla, Rodan, King Kong, and more. Includes some of the most famous creatures and lost places from movies, tv and books.

Chapters include:

  • Early Stories of Lost Worlds
  • Lost Worlds Within the Earth
  • Lost Worlds Beneath the Sea
  • Lost Worlds in Distant Places
  • King Kong and the Gill Man
  • The making of Movie Creatures
  • Creatures Made in Japan
  • Lost Worlds on TV

Written by Seymour Simon. Part of the Eerie Series. Copyright 1979. This edition published by Firefly Paperbacks. Measures approximately 7" x 9". 80 pages with text and black and white photos. A nice addition to any science fiction collection.

Condition: New. Very light shelfwear, light foxing around edges, price sticker mark. Otherwise excellent.