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AD&D Ravenloft Adam's Wrath Sealed Shrinkwrap TSR 9439 1994 DTj-D D&D Horror

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Description: In the domain of Lamordia, Doctor Victor Mordenheim created Adam -- cobbling the creature together from parts of human corpses. Now, years later, Adam wants Elise, Victor's wife. Adam wants Victor dead.

The player characters' ship founders on the coast of Lamordia. A vicious storm leaves them washed ashore, cold and hungry on the ice-bound Isle of Agony ... Then the terror begins.

The adventurers embark on a journey of fear that leads from certain doom on the frozen island to a strange new life at Schloss Mordenheim. To return home they must challenge Adam himself and discover a portal -- a gate that might lead homeward.

Adam's Wrath is intended for a party of four to eight characters of 5th to 7th level. Carefully designed to allow a Dungeon master to launch from any campaign world or Ravenloft domain, Adam's Wrath is an adventure your characters will never forget -- if they survive!

Designed for the Ravenloft horror mythos of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1994 TSR.

Condition: New, old store inventory. Light shelfwear, minor corner bumps, spine creases small tears in shrinkwrap. Overall an excellent copy. Please refer to the pictures for details.


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Brand: TSR