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AD&D Forgotten Realms Maztica City of Gold TSR OOP BC

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Description: Somewhere in the True World, to the north of the lands you know, lies the City of Gold: Michaca. It is a city of legend, of fable, and of wonder. The journey is hard, and the perils are many; you know, however, that the rewards will far outshine any treasure you have ever known. This supplement is a combination adventure and accessory. Includes information on a new character race, the Azuposi; new character classes for rogues, including the clown (or koyemshis); new priest classes, including the "bent priest"; and new magic, fetishism. Encounter the desert dwarves, the Poscadar elves, the Dog People, and the spirits that have caused the downfall of the Michaca, the City of Gold. Designed for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1992 TSR. OOP.

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