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AD&D Forgotten Realms Blood Charge Sealed Shrinkwrap TSR 1990 D&D F1

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Description: The Stone Sceptre has been recovered! But will it be enough to stop the Raja of Solon? Ambuchar Devayam has massed 10,000 zombies on Ra-Khati's border. Only Gaumahavi, the Great Dragon of the Purple Wastes, stands between him and the Hidden Kingdom. Yet even she cannot face Ambuchar alone. The player characters' seach for a solution will embroil them in Tuigan politics, lure them into the Red Mountain Monastery's forbidden halls, and lead them into ancient Solon itself, where Ambuchar's slaves -- both living and undead -- toil to make him even more dangerous.

Blood Charge is the third adventure in a trilogy that began with Storm Riders and Black Courser. It can also be played as a separate stand-alone module. Designed for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. For 4-8 characters of levels 7-10. Copyright 1990 TSR. OOP.

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