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AD&D DragonLance Seeds of Chaos Dungeons Dragons OOP TSR 1998 D3

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Description: Krynn swelters in the grip of unnatural heat -- a summer so dry and scorching the very world seems ready to burst into flame. Across this baked landscape, Lord Ariakan's armies of Dark Knights sweep unchecked. Finally, the great city of Palanthas, the jewel in Ansalon's crown, awaits the onslaught of unstoppable legions.

In this adventure, players have their choice of roles. They can be the proud Knights of Takhisis, dark paladins who have sworn a blood oath to their lord. Adhering to strict codes of honor and discipline, they lead the attack against pristine Palanthas. Or, they can become the defenders drawn from the populace of that imperiled city, waging the battle with whatever tools and tactics come to hand.

In either case, the characters ultimately learn of their true enemy -- a horde of chaos creatures lurking unseen beyond the northern horizon, poised to render every worldly conflict obsolete.

Designed for the DragonLance campaign world of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1998 TSR. 64 pages. OOP.

Condition: New. Minor corner bump on spine, otherwise NMint.


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