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AD&D DragonLance Dragon Magic TSR 1989 New D&D F8 Fantasy RPG

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  • Role playing game
  • RPG
  • Fantasy
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • D&D
  • DragonLance
  • TSR
  • Out of print

Description: The Moons of Krynn are fading. The alignment forces of Good, Evil, and Neutrality are locked in conflict ... and evil seems to be winning! The unnatural machinations of the treacherous Khardra -- daughter of Takhisis herself! -- have led to a crisis of cosmic proportions. The Heroes journey to the Cloud City Cirulon, heart of the Good Dragon races, there to meet the Astral Dragon himself. The nature of a plague claiming the lives of silver dragonhood is revealed, and the cure is presented to the companions. But the road to success is fraught with peril, the only route leading through a secret portal. If this portal becomes known to the forces of evil, disaster will surely result. This adventure follows DLE1 In Search of Dragons. Written by Rick Swan. Components include:

  • Trifold cardstock cover/screen
  • 64-page adventure booklet
  • 22" x 32" color map of Cirulon

Designed for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Copyright 1989 TSR. OOP.

Condition: New. Factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Shrinkwrap is torn with light shelfwear on edges of cover. Otherwise NMint.


MPN: 9244

Brand: TSR