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Future #1 Premiere 1978 Sci Fi Pohl Star Wars King Kong Magazine L7

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Description: This premiere issue contains:

  • Science Notebook - Life on Mars tests Fred Pohl Interview
  • Hardware - New inventions, devices and gadgets
  • "The Man from Planet X" - Vintage movie that predicted an almost-peaceful alien contact
  • Building King Kong - Step-by-step creation of Dino's ape
  • Our Oceans: Life or Death
  • Civilization in Space - Chapter 1
  • SF Graphics - The advertising posters for "Star Wars"
  • Future Forum - What lies ahead for the science fiction field?
  • Doug Trumbull Interview
  • Pedal-Powered Flight
  • How to Market a Myth: The Saga of The Hobbit
  • Chesley Bonestell at 90 - America's master space artist
  • Tomorrow - Isaac Asimov warns about "Society in the Future"

Copyright 1978 Future Magazine. 78 pages. OOP.

Condition: Used. Moderate shelfwear. Significant spine crunch creating mild warping. Interior pages are generally very nice other than the spine crunch and a couple of minor stains. Staples are tight, no rust. Overall a very nice reading copy.