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Indiana Jones Crystal Death Adventure IJ3 TSR 6753 1984 with Magic Viewer DQ

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Description: Bullets chip and spark as the machine gun empties into the wall behind Indiana Jones. Some monastery! These goons may wear monks robes, but that doesn't make them saints by a long shot!

Indy rounds a corner at a dead run and slides to a halt. More monks with tommy guns! A beautiful stain glass window shines colored light into the hallway. It looks inviting... so Indy takes a breath. One jump, he thinks, and it's all over... glass smashes around him... daylight covers him and he's falling... falling...

From the French countryside to the steaming heart of Africa, Indy sets out on a fantastic adventure that tests his skills... and the skills of those who guide him. The Crystal Death Adventure Module can be played as a standard group adventure or as a special duel where you pit all your gaming experience against the skill of your friends

Copyright 1984 Lucasfilm Ltd. Published by TSR. Designed for the Indiana Jones role-playing game. An nice addition to any Indy collection. OOP.

Condition: Used. Mild shelfwear, spine creases on the tri-fold cover. Light rust on staples, corner bumps. All contents (adventure booklet, Magic Viewer Evidence File, Magic Viewer Action Map) are present, including the red Magic Viewer sheet. Overall in very good shape. Please refer to the pictures for details.


MPN: 6753
Brand: TSR