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Star Frontiers Face of the Enemy Knight Hawks SFKH3 In Shrink TSR 7810 1984 BS

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    Description: Years have passed since the end of the Sathar Wars, but skirmishes with Sathar raiders and infiltrators have continued. However, there has never been an opportunity to learn much about this wily and elusive foe -- until now. Courageous volunteers are needed to carry the fight against the Sathar to the very edge of the unknown. The prize is a major Sathar base and, perhaps, a live prisoner. However, the least mistake will probably destroy the UFP strike force. A calculated risk, but well worth the gamble if successful.

    This Knight Hawks adventure combines the Alpha Dawn role-playing rules with the Knight Hawks space-faring rules. Both are needed for this module, which combines delicate negotiations and a daring boarding action in a rousing adventure for 3-6 characters.

    Designed for the classic Star Frontiers role-playing game, but can be readily adapted to many science fiction RPGs. Copyright 1984 TSR.

    Condition: New, factory-sealed shrinkwrap. Moderate shelfwear including tears and holes in shrinkwrap, discoloration on shrinkwrap, minor stress creases on spine. Overall the module looks to be in good shape. Please refer to the pictures for details.


    MPN: 7810

    Brand: TSR