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Rifts Shadows of Evil Siege on Tolkeen Coalition Wars RPG Palladium CP

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    Description: In the aftermath of the Sorcerers' Revenge,there is a deathly calm before the quickening storm. Time to let us examine the Five Baronies of Tolkeen and key cities, towns, fortifications and people. Many fear Coalition retaliation, others believe the war is over.

    Contents include:

    • The Stone Fortifications of The Barrens, erected from the very earth by Elementals
    • Mad Town, a haven for adventurers, mercenaries and spies.
    • Blueline and the industrial belt.
    • Prisoner of War Camps in Tolkeen.
    • Detailed Random Encounter Tables and tips on adventure building.
    • Notorious bands of heroes, villains and madmen.
    • Maps, diagrams, adventure ideas and more.
    • The fate of General Jericho Holmes.
    • The last moments before the Final Siege!


    Designed for the Rifts Coalitions Wars science fiction role-playing game. Copyright 2001 Palladium Books.

    Condition: New. Very light shelfwear on covers, otherwise NMint.


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    Brand: Palladium Books