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Wraith The Oblivion Guildbook Masquers New OOP NM/Mint EC White Wolf

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Description: Pity the poor, misunderstood Masquers. Even among the outlawed Guilds, they're distrusted. And why? Just because they can change their faces in an instant, mold fearsome weapons from their bodies, transmogrify other wraiths into tapestries and transform ordinary wraiths into the dreaded barghests, some (dead) people are afraid of them. Take a look into the Guild with a proud reputation for treachery, deceit and impeccable taste. Go ahead, they're just dying to meet you.

This Guildbook is designed for the popular Wraith: The Oblivion horror role-playing game. Copyright 1995 White Wolf Publishing. 72 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NM/Mint.

MPN: 6011

Brand: White Wolf