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Vampire Kindred of the East Blood and Silk White Wolf New OOP IB

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Description: Visit an age of wonder and terror. In 1197, it is the Fourth Age of the World, and much that is beauty or holy is dying. Cainites and other monsters take new steps along the Silk Road, while in the Middle Kingdom, the Wan Kuei rage against the heavens. This historical sourcebook for the World of Darkness presents the Kuei-jin of the Dark Ages and their Middle Kingdom. From the intruders from the West to the Ferocious People of the Fourth Age, everything you need to transport your chronicle to a world of awe and fear awaits you.

A sourcebook for both Vampire: The Dark Ages and Kindred of the East. Copyright 2000 White Wolf Publishing. 176 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NMint.


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