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Mage Lost Path Ahl-i-Batin and Taftani New NMint OOP CB White Wolf

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Description: Hidden in the center of complex designs are magicians who've seen the rise and fall of empires. The mysterious Al-i-Batin skirt the edges of magical society, tugging at the strings of politics and religion to open consciousness toward a unity of all people. The stubborn Taftani refuse to give up their blatant magic in the face of increasingly hostile realities. Two siblings, opposite in nature, both desperate to survive in a world that has since passed them by.

This reference book covers the joint history of the Middle East's native mages, then explores their separate traditions, enchantments, and allies. For the Mage: The Ascension role playing game. Copyright 2001 White Wolf. 128 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, NMint


MPN: 4030

Brand: White Wolf