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GURPS Vampire The Masquerade Steve Jackson White Wolf New H6

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  • Role-playing game
  • Horror
  • Vampire
  • Steve Jackson Games
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Description: Within this book, a world of darkness awaits. A world where ancient vampire lords use their subtle machinations to control their unsuspecting minions ... while within the bleak cities, Kindred princes flaunt their power, and the elders sway the prince. Little do they know that they are but pawns in the Jyhad -- the invisible war that has raged for centuries. This sourcebook brings White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade horror role-playing game world to the GURPS universe.

Contents include:

  • - Detailed information on the World of Darkness
  • - New character classes for vampires and vampire hunters
  • - Permutations - incorporating the Vampire rules for Will, Humanity, Frenzy, and more into GURPS
  • - Disciplines structure and descriptions
  • - Descriptions of the various Vampire Clans
  • - Campaign guidelines including a complete adventure
  • - Conversion rules between the two systems
  • - and more

This sourcebook allows you to cross between two major role-playing systems. Copyright 1993 Steve Jackson Games. 1st printing. 192 pages. OOP.

Condition: New, light shelfwear on covers. Interior pages are NMint.

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Brand: Steve Jackson Games