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White Wolf Magazine #19 Ars Magica Talislanta D&D Fantasy D7

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Description: This early issue of White Wolf focuses on fantasy gaming and contains:

  • The Art of Talislanta Underworld - An adventure for Talislanta
  • The Minotaurs of Northplains - A look at minotaurs of Mayfair's City-State of the Invincible Overlord
  • Charms of Kuthea - Magical items for ICE's Shadow World
  • Wizard Archetypes - Magic user templates for Ars Magica
  • Into the Heart of Darkness - A fantasy adventure for 4-6 characters
  • On Your Mark - The winners of the riddle contest
  • The Fantasy Realms of PBM (Play By Mail)
  • Tabletop News - A new miniature review column including prepping miniatures for painting
  • Demon Killer - Fiction by Steve Tymon, Part 7 of 8

Copyright White Wolf Publishing. 60 pages.

Condition: Lightly used. Staples are tight, no rust.


Brand: White Wolf